ITP Logo Redesign

Exploration & Iteration

I started with pen and paper but ended up doing most of the design exploration in Illustrator.

Photo Oct 19, 4 32 03 PM

Doing iterative design in Illustrator totally new workflow for me. Very convenient for iterating designs…almost too convenient. I definitely spend a lot of time tweaking and not a ton of time starting with a fresh idea.

The design started with ‘ITP’ in a variety of fonts. I took a couple of the ones I liked and stylized them. The basis for the final design is a monospaced font called Inconsolata. Using it is a nod to traditional monospaced programming fonts.


Final Design

This was incredibly close to the first version. I found something I liked and tweaked it until all of the elements came together.

Like I mentioned before, the font choice was a nod to monospaced programming fonts. The abstract nature of the negative space only works because it’s borne out of the rigidness of the capital letters of ‘ITP’. This highlights the duality of the program; the complex structure and disciplined academic focus balanced by the creative, abstract, artistic and conceptual nature of a lot of the work.

Also using the interior shape as a mark is a way of making details important, which is something I’m finding is a constant theme in work at ITP. It’s also a recognizable and scalable symbol that could eventually represent ITP without any lettering at all.

Additionally, the small diamond at the base of the logo can be used as a cool, subtle accent.


  • Each letter is connected.
  • The negative space forms two interior shapes.
  • The interior shape between ‘I’ and ‘T’ is extrapolated to create an ITP mark that can be used in place of, or in addition to the logotype.
  • The stylized angles on the upper bars are identical
  • The angles on the lower bars are also identical (but different from the upper angles).
  • Small diamond can be used as an accent.
  • Colors were chosen based off of NYU guidelines and what I’ve seen around ITP. (The green is from the ITP Camp website.)




ITP_Logo_Boards-45   ITP_Logo_Boards-43