Business Card Design


“I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.”


Designing for Me

This assignment was a lot of fun for the masochists in the class. Myself included. It was a very specific kind of physic torture trying to design for myself. I’m still not sure if I’ve fully recovered.

I started with a color scheme that I really love (it’s the same as I have on my portfolio site). From there I kept it tight with some creative typography and simple messaging.



The color scheme started with this photo by Morgan Maassen.


The relevant thing is that the sharp contrast between the dark blues and the bright orange/pink is stunning. Not relevant, but worth noting is that I love everything about this image. The colors, the motion blur, the crisp outline of the surfer, the way the image translates speed. This image really captures the feeling of surfing for me. I like it more every time I look at it.

Anyway, I took a few colors from this image to use in my color scheme.


I chose what’s quickly become my new favorite typeface: Monox. I used the  serif light italic version. I wanted the type to have a little slant to it in order to break up the usually knolled corners of business cards. I didn’t want the information to feel like little boxes in a slightly larger box.


Here you can see the font, colors, and design element together before being composed on the card.



I went through quite a few iterations of the design.



Final-ish Design

This is the version I printed for class. It’s fine. I like how simple and understated it is. I kept the messaging colloquial because stuff like “Impactful Results Driven By Collaborative Ideation” makes you sound like an ass and is almost always bullshit.


This second version is what I’m going to continue messing around with. It’s definitely a work in progress. But there’s something to the division and odd duplication of this particular serif font that I think works really well.


The jury’s still out on the reverse side.