Bad Vibes Desk: Prototype 2

Lesson Learned

For the second prototype I wanted to revisit the two-part structure of the desktop. I had initially been worried about the weight, but realized quickly that with the CNC machine I could easily remove as much material from the wood as I wanted while maintaining structural integrity.

I used almost the same exact design as the first prototype with the only major adjustment being the removal of the interior leaf.


The motor was mounted to the underside of the desk and the top was clamped to the speed rail.

Photo Nov 25, 12 47 08 PM

One solid piece reduced the noise dramatically. It also produced an unexpected, but not wholly unwelcome, side effect–because the desktop and legs were clamped together, the entire table vibrated and skittered around.

Next Steps

I still wanted to know how much the legs being attached actually affected the desktop vibration, so I thought up a less permanent way of attaching the top to the legs.