Design Tool Studio Project


I’m a digital packrat. I bookmark everything. I drag images willy-nilly onto my desktop. I’ve got folders nested so deep you need an oxygen tank to get files.

I keep things fairly organized but I’m always wondering if there’s a better system. So for Design Tool Studio, I’d like to explore the theory and development of a organizational or archival system.


Thinking about potential projects I immediately go to things I wish I would have thought of. My favorites are the ones that are simple and functional.

  • Grid: An interesting take on the spreadsheet. 
  • Evernote: Everyone’s favorite task-managing, note-taking, work-spacing, collecting-ing, cross-platforming app.
  • Pocket: Article saving app.
  • Internet bookmark organizer.
  • JSON: Data format.

Let me know if you have one I should check out.


In order to get some information on other people’s preferences and habits I sent out a survey to the ITP student list. Waiting on responses now, but I’ll link to the results when I have a reasonable number of responses.