Playful Comm – Researching Researchers

In my search for an excellent research partner I cast a wide net across NYU’s many nooks and crannies. Here’s who I’ve reached out to so far and their areas of research:

  • Jun Zhang. Professor of Applied Mathematics, Courant Institute – Flow Systems
  • Joo Kim. Asst. Professor, NYU Poly – Robotic Exoskeletons
  • Anthony Townsend. Adjunct Professor & Research Director at NYU Wagner – Longterm Technology Forecasts, Urban Development
  • Mark Tuckerman. Professor of Chemistry, Courant Institute – Phase Changes
  • Nadrian Seeman. Professor of Chemistry – Nanomaterial Structures
  • Dr. Chris Barker. Chair Department of Linguistics.
  • Michael Ward. Professor of Chemistry, Director of Molecular Design Institute – Molecular Design
  • Yao Wang. Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NYU Poly- Video Lab
  • Maurizio Porfiri. Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering – Dynamical Systems
  • Jennifer Berg. Clinical Associate Professor of Food Studies – Food and Cultural Identity
  • Ikuko Acosta. Clinical Assistant Professor of Art and Art Education – Art Therapy
  • David Darts. Associate Professor of Art Education – Contemporary Art & Open-Source Software and Culture
  • Alex Galloway. Professor of Media, Culture and Communication – Critical Theory, Semiotics, Aesthetics, Digital Media, Networks, Software, New Media Art

And now we wait…