Lazy Curator Twitter Bot

Hi. Welcome to my curated blog.

You obviously appreciate the sophisticated things in life, carefully selected for their unique value and interest. Maybe you’re even a curator yourself! And if so, then you’re like me – you curate every aspect of your life. You curate what delightful additions to put into your locally-sourced, hand-crafted, artisan greek yougourt in the mornings. (Do you see what I did there? I curated an extra ‘u’ and an extra ‘o’ to add into the word yogurt.) You curate what socks you wear, what boots, your glasses, the music you listen to. Maybe you even curate which train you take to work! To your job as an influential curator! And if you’re a true curator you’re sick of those people who have jumped on the bandwagon of curation recently. It’s despicable.

That’s why I created @LazyCurator. It’s a Twitterbot that find the word “curated” in recent tweets and replaces it with “lazily picked at random.” Which is more likely the case for how these weak-kneed plebeians are populating their blogs and Sly Stallone-themed art shows. Now we have a running list of those who are masquerading among us true curators.

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