The “Fine Earl Grey” of Dot Matrix Printers

Because of the PComp labs this week, I’ve got motors on the mind. So when I was taking a walk around my neighborhood the other day and found a Panasonic KX-P1595. I nearly fainted. A KX-P1595? Can you believe it?

Photo Nov 03, 12 56 45 PM

For those of you who aren’t dot-matrix printer fanatics, this classic 123-character per minute, tractor feed workhorse debuted to critical acclaim in 1986 at a steal of a list prince of an even $949. (Below you’ll find images of PC Magazine’s sterling review.)

I figured it would have at least one useable stepper motor inside. And when I gutted her, my hunch was confirmed. Inside were two beautiful motors for the taking.

Photo Nov 04, 1 48 35 PM

Now I just have to see if they’re still in working order.