Bad Vibes Desk: Update (The Motor)

It’s been a bit since introducing the Bide Vibes Desk project. And since it’s due tomorrow I figure it’s time to go over what’s happened since our last episode…


Photo Nov 20, 2 38 04 PM

Photo Nov 20, 2 36 37 PMThis is Bertha. She’s 45mm in diameter. Weighs in at a staggering .2 lbs. And is rated to operate at 24V.  That’s (and I’m guessing here) about 100 times larger and more powerful than your iPhone’s puny vibration motor.

Here’s the spec sheet for you motorheads: Bertha’s Spec Sheet

The Mount

You might notice, as I did, that there’s no engineered-in way to mount Bertha. Which proved to be a pain in the ass.

I considered buying some sort of pipe fitting or bracket, but that would have been expensive. I also would have had to customize it to some degree. So I decided to prototype a mount with what was lying around in the meantime, while I researched a longer-term solution.

To the junk pile!

I found a 2 x4, cut it down to size, drilled a hole, and cut in half. Using a couple of wood screws I created a surprisingly decent clamp to hold the motor in place. I soldered on the wires you see dangling out. In these photos they’re temporarily connected to a bench power supply that I was using to test Bertha’s vibrational strength.

Photo Nov 22, 3 13 09 PM

Photo Nov 22, 3 13 04 PM

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