Two Materials

This week’s assignment was to create something that was a combination of two different materials that weren’t plywood or acrylic.

Iron & Wine

(Well…copper and cork.)

My idea was to juxtapose cork’s natural texture with a layer of metal. Working with cork was also a great excuse to learn a bit about the lathe, which I’ve been eyeing all semester.



One of the issues I ran into was finding good cork. There were some resources on the Fabrication class page, but they were expensive and didn’t have blocks thick enough to work on the lathe.

I improvised and ordered cork yoga blocks. At 6″ x 4″ x 9″, they were a perfect size.

For the metal, I walked around home depot until something caught my eye. I grabbed a copper pipe end cap and a brushed stainless steel-looking cup from the bath department.

The Lathe

I might have to write a separate post to profess my love for the lathe. Suffice it to say, working on the lathe was a lot of fun. It’s easy to get into a flow state and you’re also getting instant feedback on your progress. Plus the object organically takes shape, rather quickly, before your eyes. It feels very different from other methods of fabrication.

Photo Dec 04, 7 50 21 PM_web


 Next Steps

I’ll be adding a metal element to the bowl for consistency. I’m thinking a flat circle for a lid/trivet.

And next time I’ll be adding in stripes of multi-colored thread for another new texture.