Making Multiples

The assignment this week is to create five of the same object. That means developing and using systems for reliable repetition, like jigs.


I’ve had some quarter-inch plywood in the shop for a while, so instead of buying new material I wanted to use that. I also want to make something functional, that I could potentially get some use out of after class.

The thickness of the material, or lack there of, limited my options when it came to joining pieces. Screws and nails were likely out of the picture. So I thought that using channel joints to connect pieces and add structural integrity might be a good solution. That limitation in the material also was the jumping off point for my idea of what to construct.

Multipurpose Mini Platform

I did a quick sketch and paper prototype to visualize how the structure might come together. I thought about creating semi-circular bottoms, but on second thought that seemed unnecessarily complicated and didn’t add anything to the idea.

I started with five boards already cut to nearly identical size. I taped them together to make measurements and cuts easier.

From there I divided the stacks into 12″ x 12″ tops and base material which were cut into 6″ x 12″ pieces and given a middle seam. I used the band saw to measure out 3″ cuts in the middle of the boards and then used the circular saw to take out the thickness equal to the board along that 3″ cut. I slide each piece in against a stopper to ensure I was making the cut at the center of each piece.

The circular saw blade was almost perfectly equal to the thickness of the wood, so the piece slipped together nicely. I did have to take a bit out with a rasp because the circular saw blade cuts in an arc.

I used wood glue to connect the bases to the tops. And secured the build with all of the available clasps.

Completed Piece