Friggin’ Lasers

Fabricating with the Laser Cutter

This week I thought about the precision the laser affords as a tool. I wanted to use it in a way such that it made creating my object possible, but it didn’t create the object for me.

Laser cutting the parts for a small-scale architectural model seemed like a good application of these principles.


I sketched a variety of different imagined buildings. This helped me form a mental stock list of the type of shapes and the relative proportions that kept coming up. The characteristics became the basis for the vector shapes that would be laser cut. This way the build would maintain the fingerprint of my imagined buildings, even if they weren’t identical.

Photo Nov 13, 5 25 02 PM

Laser Output


While the parts were precision cut, my sloppy hot glue job didn’t do the final model any favors. Next time I’d find a more precise way of affixing the pieces to each other. I’d also spend more time considering a set of rules for how each piece is connected. (I.e. “Wall” pieces are always glued to the top of the “floor” pieces, “ceiling” pieces are glued to the insides of “wall” pieces.) That way there would be far more consistency over the whole build. I found that dimensions were more and more off as I build the model because I wasn’t consistent with how similar pieces were attached.