Visual Reading with Strings and Data

 As Long as We’re Visualizing Data…Productivity_DataVizGraph

String difficult = “difficult”;

This week was difficult for a few reasons.

I found that strings got tricky once they were broken down into characters and it comes time to reassemble them. I can’t really fathom doing anything besides just counting them or showing them on screen. Like animating…although that’s certainly the next step.

And data…actually, data isn’t so bad. It’s only a problem whenever you’re trying to use or work with it. I’ve never read anything that’s made less sense then some of the API documentation I looked at this week.

Ok. I’m done now.

Visual Reading

What is it? 

It’s something I just made up right now. It’s a way of reading a text using images that match strings in the text.

How’s it work?

The sketch displays the text of Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet on screen, one word at a time. It’s also checking the individual words against a CSV database for matching strings. When it finds a matching string (i.e. “sherlock”) it loads an image from an online image search and displays the image.*