Pixel Experiment 1

Starting with the Basics

I spent some time today with Katie trying to figure where I went wrong last time. She doesn’t have experience with this type of stuff either and so it was a solid hour of us going back and forth with ideas and breaking the sketch. We ended up with something that resembles a basic sort.

The problem is that we’re sorting in an arbitrary way. I.e. not by any interesting intrinsic to the pixels in the picture. I think, as it stands we’re just grabbing and sorting a pixel by the number associated with the way the color is being stored in the computer. Rather than by the value (or values) of the color itself.



Sorted (I guess)

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 7.45.46 PM

 Next Steps

This whole pixel sorting thing goes pretty deep as evidenced by this dude, Kim, who apparently coined the term. It’s clear there’s a lot more to learn.

These are, I think, some of the next steps to understand the process before I can create some semblance of direction. Most of these bullets should have a “How do I” or “Figure out how to” in front of them and a “?” at the end.

  • Grab some value associated with a pixel
  • Keep pixel information intact
  • Sort by that value
  • Sort in an interesting way (most unique to least unique, difference from average color, etc)
  • Something I’m forgetting/missing
  • ?