Stick a Pin in It

I’m doubling dipping here. This 3D printed map pin is this week’s project for both Design for 3D and Culinary Physics.

It fits within a 3″ x 3″ x 3″ cube (for now). Design for 3D: check.

And it’s also my Homunculus re: my relationship with food. When I’m eating something delicious I’m totally absorbed in the experience. A good bite provides all the sensory input needed to stick a pin in place and time – imprinting an ever-lasting when and where and with what flavors.

Culinary Physics: check.  

In Rhino I created a few iterations of the design. Sort of my version of the ubiquitous “You Are Here” digital map pin.


Once the design was done I took it over to Makerbot, checked the settings, and exported a .makerbot file to a USB. (Nice custom file extension you guys! You deserve it.) A few button clicks on the Replicator 5 later I was off and printing.

Photo Sep 15, 8 40 31 PM

After a little clean up with an Xacto blade (large one is about 60mm)…


Being able to turn a physical object over in your hands is a powerful thing. I think I probably missed out by not, at least, messing around with the Makerbots last year. As soon as I had this little guy in my hand I had ten new ideas. Hopefully we’ll have enough filament.