Project Development Studio Update

Sam Sadtler and I continue our work on developing a smarter and more effective internet bookmarking system.

As of our first meeting, Sam and I divvied up the main components of the project. He’s taking the basic building blocks of the Chrome extension and (what we’ve been referring to as) the card structure. That’s just the combined information presented as a long-form node in the digest view of a trail. Things like URL, selected text and/or image, and user annotations. I’ve been working on implimenting a system to automatically capture relevent keywords from a bookmarked URL and create searchable tags.

I’m still wondering how I ended up with that task.

With Sam already fairly familiar with web development and javascript, I had a lot of catching up to do. (And that’s understating it.) So, I’ve been doing a lot of self-directed learning. Maybe too much. Who’s to say really? In the past two weeks I’ve worked my way through most of Dan Shiffman’s Programing A2Z course (big ups to Shiffman, as always), gotten much more comfortable with Javascript (ask me about callbacks), jQuery, node.js, reacquainted myself with HTML and CSS, and launched headfirst in SDKs and APIs with what’s probably going the secret sauce in our project, something called AlchemyAPI. It’s been a long couple of weeks. Productive, too.

At this point we’re on track to get on track any day now. It only took me half a day to build a prototype site and get Alchemy parsing URLs and returning keywords. Now I need to link the two and figure out an extensible pipeline that passes those keywords into a searchable database of bookmarks. Plus tie-in or refactor Sam’s work to start to bring everything all together.

I’m looking forward to another interesting, productive week.