Project Development Studio Concepts

Header image generously (and auto-magically) provided by Ross Godwin’s

I’m going to need a whole separate post to elucidate and probably work out the underlying thoughts behind these concepts. But for now, suffice it to say that I’d like to create several thematically-connected projects that explore the relationships between users and organization in digital “space.”

These are the first of hopefully many ideas that play with concepts of pattern, information, organization, data, structure, architecture, design, systems, notation, diagrams, semiotics, and ontology.


This “operating system” assigns natural-world/biological characteristics to different file formats on a computer (e.g. .txt = migratory birds, folders = predatory hunters, .exe = mating mammals, etc…). The computer environment reorganizes itself to become a digital facsimile of a biological environment.



This is a continuation of a program that I began developing last year in Patrick Hebron’s Design Tool Studio. It’s a grid-based digital workspace that replaces the traditional desktop environment with a more flexible and useful tool.



An exploration into more efficient digital note-taking. How can we bend a text editor’s rules to allow us to compose text more like we compose thoughts?



A program that numerically organizes all of the binary data in a file.


Topographical Interface

This concept explores how a computer’s file structure might be mapped like a physical topography.