Printing Topography

This week I was thinking about multi-part prints. I began with what a simple design for an island topography. An imaginary island, that is. And I was hoping that the printed layers would be able to bring the fictional landscape to life in some way.

Photo Sep 22, 10 23 07 PM

Meh. I think it does the job when photography tricks the eye with scale. Because of time constraints this was printed at less than a third of what I had originally wanted. Aside from the raft, which very nicely plays the part of the water surrounding the island, the whole print is only about an inch and a half at it’s longest point. The small scale also ruined the simple fit mechanism I had deigned so that the slices of topography would be slightly nested within each other and wouldn’t shift around. At this scale, however, the indentations were pretty much non-existent.

Photo Sep 22, 10 23 24 PM