Subtraction: Week 1

The Router

Today I took the first step on the path I’ve dreamt about my entire life–the path towards becoming a master of the art of decorative moulding. And I know deep in my heart that one day I will shake the world of decorative moulding to the very core. Much the same way Duchamp rattled the the artistic establishment.

In the annals of history I will be referred to as the “Marcel Duchamp of decorative moulding.”

But before I become a master of the tools, I must be a student of the tools. Which brings us to this week’s “Skillbuilder:” recreate a partially circular shape using a router and a circular cutting jig.

I spent most of my time figuring out a workable setup for the table and jig. I used scrap wood to raise my material above the worktable and used C-clamps to hold everything in place. The placement of the clamps was a bit of an issue, as they got in the way of the jig. After some rearranging I found a suitable configuration.

I cut the round section through and then removed the jig and placed a makeshift fence on the material, which provided me a straight-edge to work off of for the remaining cut. Patience proved virtuous throughout the process. It was time consuming slowly raising the bit bit by bit.

Not yet a true master of the router, I have graduated from pupil to TA. I am one step closer to reinventing the very concept of decorative moulding.