Popcorn Monsoon


If it was possible to fall deeply and madly in love with a mechanical object, this would be my Juliet.

This is a clever, delightful, and elegant solution to a common problem – un-popped kernels messing up your otherwise delicious bowl of popcorn. What’s even more important is that it’s a re-imagning of what this machine traditionally looks like and what the experience of making air-popped popcorn is. The unexpected change in form creates a new way to experience something you take for granted.

Project by Jolene Carlier

Week 1 Swipe | Raw Edges Gallery

Raw-Edges-Make-Yourself-Comfortable-installation-at-Chatsworth-House_dezeen_ssEndgrain is London design studio Raw Edges‘ colorful wooden floor and seating installation.

This a wonderfully heuristic technique to guide someone through a space. The paths are clearly defined but seamlessly integrated into the experience of being in the space.

Rarely are we aware that we’re influenced by the colors around us, but it still happens. The colors here are both making us more aware of the space (which is great for a sculpture gallery) and they’re helping us feel a part of the space (which is great for a flowing-through-feeling experience).