C.Z. Nnaemeka

Some Thoughts on Power

C.Z. Nnaemeka, author of the article The Unexotic Underclass, spoke yesterday in our first Applications class. She gave a short, apt presentation entitled, Some Thoughts on Power. It was a simple, honest reminder that we are lucky to be here.

She’s right. We’re crazy lucky.

She posited that despite whatever smarts we possess and however hard we’ve worked and whatever privilege we may or may not come from, there’s an undeniable aspect of luck that’s led us to ITP. Just based on the volume of applications, we know for a fact, that for every one of us there are at least 10 others (probably a lot more) who are as smart or smarter, who’ve worked hard or harder and who have the means and the ways to attend as well. But we’re here. And they’re not. We’ve been given this power. And they haven’t.

Let’s not be assholes about it.

Let’s practice empathy. Let’s think beyond the 4th floor. Let’s find problems to solve, not make them up. Let’s be uncool. Let’s not play into the scene. Let’s listen intently. Let’s consider the Other, the Different, the Marginalized, the Disenfranchised and the Invisible. Let’s make people care.

Let’s press our luck.