Future Interfaces: Initial Concepts 1-3

Run Select

In conjunction with a treadmill this VR program would allow you to select various tracks for exercise, training, and conditioning. Statistics would appear unobtrusively and could be hidden to allow the user to focus on the run.


Memory Palace

Sherlock Holmes famously uses the concept of a “memory palace” to store memories, facts, observations, and details. The concept is a mental model of a physical location that the user knows extremely well. This allows the rememberer to travel throughout “space” to retrieve information. In this case the Memory Palace would be a training ground or digital prosthetic for the same purpose.


AR Desktop

This augmented reality desktop solves the problem of clutter and lack of space on any given surface. A phone/screen/eye implant acts as a portal into a digital space that overlays onto the physical one creating a more easily organized and more flexible desktop environment. The movement of the screen over the space is not 1:1 but rather provides a glimpse into the space just like a skylight into a room.